This page contains information about the CVPR 2020 paper: Learning nanoscale motion patterns of vesicles in living cells. The aims is to train an Artificial Intelligence system to detect nanoscale motion patterns of vesicles!

We propose an integrative approach, built upon physics based simulations, nanoscopy algorithms, and shallow residual attention network to make it possible for the first time to analysis sub-resolution motion patterns in vesicles that may also be of sub-resolution diameter.


title={Learning nanoscale motion patterns of vesicles in living cells},
author={Sekh,A.A and Opstad,I-S. and Birgisdottir,AB and Myrmel, T and Ahluwalia, BS and Agarwal, K and Prasad, D K},
booktitle={IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},

Credits: UiT The Arctic University of Norway